We all know that kids like to spend time on YouTube. If anything, this is one of the easiest ways for them to see the latest games, watch cartoons, keep up with trending challenges and learn just about anything. A YouTube channel can have positive or negative impacts on children. If you think about it, parents are much like a YouTube channel to their kids.

Why is that?

Children tend to learn most things about life; relationships, surviving mechanisms, basic education and mannerism from their parents. They learn exactly what their eyes see and copy it. Children behaviors are a direct reflection from the people and environment that they are connected to the most. Sure there are outside influences like social media, t.v., friends and so on, but the reality is that most of the influence comes from home. Parents may think that their actions, behavior, and words go unseen and unheard by their children. However kids are watching and observing more then we know. Kids hear our words but they learn from our actions and behaviors- good and bad. We can either gain or lose credibility and respect from our children when we follow our words or a lack thereof.
Here are a few tips that parents can practice for being the best You tube channel for their kids:

1. Do what you say
Easier said than done sometimes. One time my teenage son went into my room to get something and he respectfully said to me, “Mommy how is that you tell me to make up my bed, but yours is unmade”. That was a simple observation of his, but it made me think, gosh how many other words have I said to my children, and didn’t follow them myself. Be mindful that you are following the words you speak to your kids.

2. Hold yourself accountable to your actions and words
Have you ever realized that you might be the reason for your child’s actions? If yes, then you must hold yourself accountable for your actions and teach your child how to make amends by making them yourself and showing them how to correct shortcomings. When my son called me out about not making up my bed, I didn’t make any excuses or try to justify why my bed was unmade. I simply took accountability for the shortcoming and told him he was absolutely right and that I will make an effort to practice what I preach.

3. Pay attention to your children’s behaviors and words
Perhaps your child’s behaviors and actions are influenced from outside the home. In this case, if your child behaviors are negative, talk with them and ask them is there something they are not getting from home that’s causing them to behave poorly. Talk about consequences that can result from their behavior and guide your child by showing them the right thing to do. This can create a stronger bond between you and your child and encourage them to become a positive example to others.