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Let me tell you a bit about me

I’m Wadeya “Coach Dee” Moore, and like you, I’m a parent who is dedicated to having an intimate, loving and understanding relationship with my children.

And perhaps like you, my journey to building unbreakable bonds with my kids required assistance – from God, teachers, mentors, and others who walked the same path and had wisdom to enlighten and support me.

My road has taken me all the way to become a Certified Professional and Christian Life Coach through New Life Coach Inc. I am blessed to have been helping parents and children transform their relationships since 2016, using the same techniques and Biblical guidance that has so profoundly shaped my parenting and strengthened my bonds with my children.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, relationships are what you make of them.

Your heart plans the way

Coming from a family where I craved closeness with my mom and longed to know my absent dad, I prayed that someday I’d give my children what I never experienced.

When I was finally blessed with two beautiful children, the truth is I found myself having a hard time naturally connecting on an intimate and loving level with them – especially as they became tweens and teens. I was painfully aware of how cycles repeat, and yet I could not break this pattern on my own.

When my children’s dad and I divorced, this was finally the push I needed. I prayed to God to show me what I need to do in order to create and build the solid relationship with my children that I desired and knew I could have.

It was then that I enrolled into a life coaching program and became a certified life coach.

The Lord directs your steps

Using the life coaching skills and techniques I learned in the program, I faced with my children the hard places the divorce led us and also found ways to effectively co-parent.

It took me making changes within myself, confronting and adjusting my parenting style, opening up to sharing my love and affection, and learning how to build an honest rapport with my kids to create the rock-solid relationship we enjoy today.

One day I told the kids that I wanted us to grow closer to God, and to grow closer to each other, so we started having dedicated Bible study/discussion time together once a week on topics we took turns choosing. This, in addition to the coaching techniques I use on a daily basis, has created remarkable positive changes in our relationships, and we all have grown closer to God.

It was in my heart to turn all I’ve learned into a God-guided coaching practice and extend what I have mastered to other parents who deserve empathy, compassionate and action-oriented guidance from a trained professional to create the relationships they desire with their kids.

I’m on a mission – from God!

All of this work has led me to my mission today (which should come as no surprise to you):

To help parents and children build unbreakable bonds and enjoy the loving, intimate relationships with each other they deserve.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I lead workshops and teach Vacation Bible School youth classes, teach tween/teen groups during Sunday youth church, instruct young adults in life skills through various volunteer programs and participate in women speaking events at educational institutions. I am also an established IT Professional, with 20+ years of IT experience.

When I’m not working with my wonderful clients, I love traveling, eating yummy food, napping (self-care!), laughing, comedy shows, concerts and of course, spending time with and nurturing my relationship with my son and daughter.

I’m here for you to help you build unbreakable bonds for a lifelong close, healthy relationship with your children. Contact me and let me know how I can serve you.

With all my love, Coach Dee

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