I Am My Child’s Keeper

Coach Dee Inspires

One-on-One Coaching for Parents

This one-on-one parent coaching program is designed to give you a safe space to take a deep dive into your hopes and dreams for your relationship with your tween(s) and/or teen(s). Together we’ll explore your unique background and challenges in order to break through limiting beliefs, unconscious negative behaviors, and other barriers to building the strong bonds you desire and deserve to have with your children.

Depending on your needs, this program is available as a 6-week, 8-week, or 12-week package virtually via Zoom.

The “I Am My Child’s Keeper” one-on-one coaching program will help you:

  • Create & strengthen a long-lasting parent/child bond
  • Develop workable solutions to challenges with your tween/teen
  • Learn the power of effective communication
  • Understand the importance of leading by example
  • Identify & improve parental shortcomings
  • Identify ways to show your tween/teen that you understand him or her
  • Break cycles that negatively impact your relationship
  • Co-parent effectively (for divorced parents)

You get:

45-minute weekly coaching sessions (virtually via Zoom), one per each week of the program
Unlimited email access
Weekly coaching session reports
Check-in calls/texts
2 – Parent & Child Relationship Journals*
One FREE session!


  • 6 Week Parent Only Coaching: $150.00     Enroll Now
  • 8 Week Parent Only Coaching: $200.00     Enroll Now
  • 12 Week Parent Only Coaching: $275.00   Enroll Now


Additional Information:

*Please note that two total Parent & Child Relationship Journals are included with each package – 1 for the parent(s) and 1 for your tween/teen. If you have more than one child and need more, you can purchase additional journals for $15.00 each.

Parents, if you are struggling with staying organized and managing your time, which is impacting your ability to have the relationship with your child that you desire, I have expertise in time management coaching. This service is an add-on to the “I am Child’s Keeper” package and is available for an additional flat fee of $50.00.

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