Every parent wants their child to live their best life. In order for a child to achieve that greatest level of success, parents need to show a lot of support and assistance. God intended for us to help our children reach their true potential. So it’s up to us to do everything in our power to help our kids activate their inner gifts and talents and let their lights shine.Here are a few tips parents can follow:

1. Teach your child self-love and acceptance
The first step to help your children with towards the enlightenment is to strengthen their mindset into believing that they are beautiful inside out and hold a unique personality. Teach them that is important to be grateful of all the gifts God blessed us with and that we are His creation so we should never doubt ourselves. Self-love means accepting all your flaws, faults and mistakes and working on them to become better each day along with all of our uniqueness and passions.

2. Consider letting them use social media to their advantage
In order for your children to learn how to strengthen their personality by using the talents and gifts they have, parents should allow and guide their children to use the easiest way of communication with the world; social media. It is a great platform for your children to set positive trends and build their brand using the skills, gifts and talents.

3. Be the example
You can help your kids maximize their strengths and become better, by being the example you want them to follow and let your kid see you living out your passions and using your God given gifts and talents. Set goals together and help hold each other accountable for reaching those goals. My kids and I write our goals together and do weekly checkups with each other to ensure we are progressing. We keep each other encouraged and when we get off track, we come up with solutions for overcoming obstacles and getting back on track.

4. Help your children to get out of their comfort zones
Most children need help to recognize their potential. Parents can help by urging their children to do as much as they can and encouraging, loving and supporting them through each trial. Tell your children to have dreams and that if you work hard enough, if you put in more effort and become passionate about it, it is not impossible to achieve your dreams.

If you are a parent who need help with moving forward with your passions, as well as helping your kids, I would love to help you. Feel free to contact me!