September 20, 2023-October 25, 2023   Virtual (via Zoom)

This virtual, 6-week group coaching program offers parents and their tweens/teens a very special, affordable opportunity to come together as a community to discuss relatable issues that today’s families face. Together we will cover important topics such as peer pressure, bullying, sex/drugs/alcohol, accountability and responsibility, love and forgiveness, and more – and brainstorm real, actionable strategies to solve problems and lead happier healthier lives. In this transparent and confidential environment, families are also able to clearly see how they are not alone in their struggles – and enjoy the support and connection with others facing the same challenges.

This is a 6-week program that meets once a week for a one hour virtual (via Zoom) group session.

“It Takes a Village” Group Coaching Program for Parents & Tweens/Teens (6-weeks) will help you:
● Have open, honest conversations on important topics
● Develop dynamic, actionable solutions to pressing challenges
● Inspire a sense of belonging and community – you are not alone!
● Teach tweens/teens to be accountable, take responsibility & make good decisions
● Incorporate Biblical teachings into everyday life
● Set goals & take action!

You get:
✅ One (1) hour virtual (via Zoom) group coaching sessions
✅ Worksheets and other informative handouts for post-session review at home

Price: $30.00 per family

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